Welcome to Simauctions - combining the best of statistical baseball simulations with the strategy of fantasy baseball auctions!

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Welcome to Baseball Sim Auctions – combining APBA, one of the finest statistical baseball simulations with the strategy of Fantasy Baseball Auctions! Test your ability to construct a winning team without the long term commitment of joining a league!

Please refer to my How It Works” page for all the details, or contact me if you have questions or would like more information. Baseball Sim Auctions offers multiple options:

  1. Live Auctions conducted via ZOOM video conferencing – these Auctions are ideal for 2 to 4 participants, and typically take 1 1/2 to 3 hours, depending on the number of participants.
  2. Slow Auctions conducted over a period of several days via this website.
  3. Drafts – Although Auctions are our specialty, they do require a specific commitment of time, and since bidding is involved you have to be present through the entire process, that’s why we also conduct Drafts, everyone is familiar with Drafts and they require less direct involvement, and can be conducted over a period of time. Our next Draft project will involve drafting the players from the strike shortened 1994 MLB season, it will be interesting to see what these players do in a full 162 game season. Please contact me if interested in participating in this project. The rosters of any unclaimed teams will be drafted by the BBW GM. HERE are the rules.
  4. I can grant you access to the Auction section of the website and you can conduct your own Slow Auctions on your own schedule. No charge for this service, but I do ask that you send me the results once you’ve determined a winner. For a small fee, I can also set up your auctions, I wave the fee if I’m participating in your auction.
  5. Conduct your own live Sim Auctions and submit the results for review so the General Mangers can be included in the Baseball Sim Auctions Power Rating.

I’m always looking for challengers for my ZOOM Sim Auctions, so if there are teams or players that you would like to utilize, contact me so we can discuss the details and schedule an auction.

Our next Slow Auction project will involve the players from the 1998 NL Central Teams (Reds, Cardinals, Cubs, Pirates, Brewers & Astros) this will be a 6 team auction, we currently have 3 General Manager spots open, contact me if interested, an auction date will be scheduled once all the GM spots are filled.

Our next Live Auction will involve the following 4 teams (1974 Los Angeles Dodgers, 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1988 New York Mets and the 1993 San Francisco Giants, we currently have 3 GM spots filled, contact me if interested in the last GM spot.

Below are links to recent auctions and season simulations.

Below are the Top 10 Baseball Sim Auction General Managers, based on the Sim Auction Power Rating, see the full list here.