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My name is Andy, I’ve been a baseball fan since 1974 and started playing Fantasy/Rotisserie baseball in1989, I founded two leagues that year (one American League, one National League) and have been the Commissioner ever since. Our leagues are not perpetual ownership, so we create brand new teams every year when all the league members reconvene in the Spring for our our yearly auctions.

Most Fantasy baseball leagues conduct drafts instead of auctions, drafts can be a lot of fun, but if you are looking for a more stimulating experience, auctions are the most challenging option.

I’ll get back to the topic of auctions shortly, but first let me skip to my experience with APBA and the Baseball For Windows computer game. As many in this hobby have done, I purchased my first APBA game via a magazine add, I was a Freshman in High School when I purchased my first game, I remember being fascinated by the idea that a player’s performance could be replicated on a card, and over the years I’ve played and enjoyed the board game with friends, mostly involving greatest teams tournaments.

My introduction to the APBA computer baseball game (Baseball For Windows – aka BBW) was more recent. One day I was taking my daily walk and listening to the APBA podcast “Double Take”, I was instantly intrigued, the guest on the podcast, Stray Corrado , talked with such enthusiasm about his experiences with the BBW game that it turned into my tipping point for purchasing the game (and all the seasons!!)

During the many years of playing and creating teams in fantasy baseball I often wondered if I could develop a way to implement the auction style I used in our fantasy leagues with statistical simulation baseball games like APBA, after delving into the BBW program and all its capabilities, I realized I found the game that would allow me to experiment with my idea.

In fantasy baseball you are essentially bidding on projected statistics, in the Sim Auctions you are instead bidding on actual statistics. The APBA program has the ability to draft and compile teams from a pool comprised of all the players in MLB history, and the program has the capacity to quickly simulate entire seasons, hence, I had all I needed to test my auction ideas and pricing models, I decided to create this website to document the results of the auctions and season simulations using APBA BBW.

Check out the “How It Works” and “RULES” page for a more detailed description of how the auction and the entire process works.


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