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Alexander Cartwright

Cartwright is an “All Era’s” All-purpose Manager, AIM or non-AIM capable, DH or non-DH.

He is designed to handle each and every 20th and 21st season game, including deadball era contests as well as modern games. Because of the wide range of rosters being managed, Cartwright has to “fudge” a bit and use general strategies. He’s not going to, for example, move a reliever to the outfield for a batter, bring in a new reliever, then move the original reliever from the outfield to the mound.

One very critical approach for Cartwright is that he judges/ranks closers by saves and not grade. Because of this, many of his other strategies as well as pitcher’s “roles” will be determined by this. For example, if the team used the LaRussa one-inning closer, he will use several setup relievers to get to the ninth. However, if the top closer pitched multiple innings, he will bring that closer in earlier. And, if the team being managed is a pre-war or pre-modern roster, he will more aggressively use that closer in non-save situations before the ninth.

One extremely critical – and difficult – area for an all-purpose manager is deciding how to use a bullpen. Quick hook, slow, medium, one-batter relief specialists, setup guys, long closers?

To address this question, Cartwright does several things. One, he calculates total bullpen usage. That is measured by the total relief innings pitched as well as total starter innings pitched. Now, both of these areas have to be approximated since he can’t determine precise stats. But using starting and relieving durability, pitcher plate appearances per game, innings and total team saves, he is able to come up with three overall bullpen types: strong, weak and normal. Additionally, within those three categories, Cartwright determines whether he will use a pre-war approach to handling the roster (pitching and everything else), a mid-twentieth century approach, a modern approach or a draft league approach.

Cartwright has all of the bells and whistles you want. Blowout subbing, double switches, pinch running to steal a base (he can handle Herb Washington as well as Sandy Piez).