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Bingo Long

Bingo Long: AIM, Modern, DH/Non-DH

Bingo Long is a clone of Felipe Hernandez (modern, AIM, replay) that uses grade instead of save for closer determination. So, if you’re familiar with Hernandez, you should recognize Long. Other than the grade for saves switch, he’s identical.

Superclosers (may be used in the 8th but generally one inning types): relieving grades of 17 and higher
Closers (used in 8th with QR=2 or less, otherwise one inning only): grades of 13-17.

Only pitchers with actual relief appearances will be used in relief. Pitchers with more starts than relief appearances are considered starters but will occasionally be used in relief if they meet the above criteria. How much depends on actual relief appearances and the “health” of the regular bullpen (e.g., if bullpen is tired or thin, chance of starter being used is increased).

Modern relief strategies with use of setup relievers and “one-batter” relief specialists (usually lefties).

Other: again, modern replay oriented. Adjust strategies based on roster provided. Steals based on actual attempts with steal rating/success ignored (risky for draft leagues).