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Buckshot Williams

Buckshot Williams, is designed to realistically use players in season replays as well as provide tough competition for human managers.  He is an A.I.M. manager.   Buckshot uses conventional baseball strategies of the post war era.  His style suits play between 1947-1985, but he’s best suited for the 1960’s style of play.  He will manage aggressively within the limitations of the players on his team, especially when the game is on the line.  He is designed to handles blowouts situations (utilizing bench players), aggressive use of the double switch and is known to change pinch hitters if the opposing manager changes pitchers.  He makes good use of players actual statistics in making his decisions (complete games, saves, intentional walks, sacrifices, stolen base attempts, etc).

Buckshot Williams is:
– Aggressive within limits of team, with game on line.
– Uses players stats for decisions.
– Uses all players, all subs have 15+ games, mainly used for defensive replacements and PHing.
– Uses most players in attempting steals, many attempts (48-60), and aggressive.
– Above average number of sac bunts (18-28).
– Starters avg 7.5 IP per game, above average complete games (45-54) and high spot starts (7-16).
– Uses a lot of relievers, recognizes a closer.
– Relievers avg 1.8 IP per game in relief, average amount of saves (14-22), picks available closer.
– Closers used by innings pitched.