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Buster Parker

Pre-War, 1915 AIM Draft League Manager

Buster Parker is nearly identical to the pre-war draft manager Frank Terry except for not considering a starting rotation. Any pitcher available can be used in relief.

Closers are defined by their grades. Relievers with a adjusted grade (that’s grade plus any control ratings) of between 13 and 15 are “regular” closers. Guys with adjusted grades of 16 or higher are considered “super closer” type. These guys will be used more aggressively in save situations than “regular” closers.

One tricky area is high grade relievers with few innings, say under 20 or so. Parker will try to husband the use of these guys, stretching out their relieving over the season. He doesn’t like to have to use these guy for 2+ inning outing; instead he tries to selectively use them in critical situations for a inning.