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Cajun Stick

Cajun Stick – Modern Draft League Manager – AIM

A Custom Manager with some of the more interesting strategies of the managers available. Some team/player specific strategies; but limited.


Starters: Any pitcher with zero relief appearances is considered a starter. All other will be used in relief.

Saves: By grade with closers having adjusted grades (grade plus control ratings) of 13-16, superclosers are those with CURRENT EFFECTIVE GRADES of 17 and higher. So, platoon ratings and first batter effectiveness bonuses (usually 5 points) are considered. Multiple inning closers (normal and super) if relieving durability is 2 or lower OR if there’s one or more outs in the eighth. Otherwise, one inning only.

However, Stick will bring in a topflight reliever in the 7th in a critical situation (two runners on or slugger up, score -2/+2 or save situations). Stick tries to use relievers with 18+ grades (grade+control adjustments+first batter effectiveness+platoon advantage) to squelch rallies. So, you will see him use multiple relievers to face one batter if necessary to maintain that high grade.

Quick hook, then in critical situations if the above applies. Additionally, Stick will pull starters quickly in safe games especially if they had low innings pitched (e.g, 8+ run lead after 5 innings).

Setup relievers used IF supercloser available. No setup guys used if normal closer. However, Stick will not “stick” to the typical modern style – e.g., 6 innings starter, two innings of setup guys, one inning for closer. He’ll mix things up a great deal especially, as noted above, in critical situations and a 18+ pitcher needed for key outs.

NOTE: Will pull ALL starters when their workable batters is 7 or less (if bullpen is not thin).


Steals influenced greatly by steal success/chance. Same with H&R. Greatly plays the percentage. One of the interesting areas is with bunting: Stick will very aggressively bunt tied or down one run or up a run with ANY hitter. This includes Bonds or Rodriguez or Ruth. Usually, it must be against a solid pitcher or if it’s not a good H&R situation (i.e., low steal chance for second). But he will lay one down a great deal.

Other points:
Steals based on 100% limits. Greatly considers platoon ratings when PHing. Blowout sub strategies – PR, PH, Def Sub. He likes to leave a pitcher in to bunt in the right situations even if that pitcher will immediately be removed the next half innings. So, don’t be surprised to see a pitcher lay one down and then immediately be replace the next inning. Saves the bench.

Blowout sub strategies, best defensive players in late, et cetera