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Caleb West

Designed for deadball replays – ca. 1908 – with AIM on.


West follows a relatively “average” pitching strategy for deadball play. Conservative with high inning starters but a quicker hook for lower inning or marginal type starters (e.g., innings under 200 or so). West does not set aside a rotation and will use starters in relief throughout the game. However, he limits this greatly to close contests (for example, you won’t see a key starter mopping up in a game).

Closers, such as they are considered, are pitchers with adjusted grades of 14 or higher. Ace closers are those with grades of 16 or higher and are used more aggressively both in tied games late and in save situations. West gives “bonus” innings to low grade relievers (3 or lower). He’ll use these as mop up pitchers in blowout games.

Offensive: West is very aggressive with the hit and run and very aggressive stealing. He is designed for leagues with NO LIMITS on stealing. Guys can run to extreme. Because of this, West is more reluctant to advance runners with the bunt; but with poor steal chance runners on, he’ll likely move them over with the sac against quality pitchers.

Other Notes: Has a blowout strategy, is designed with WBs on for pitchers, quick hook for starters in safe games, subs defensively with better players late, especially better catchers in 1 run leads.

West is a nice “safe” deadball era draft manager. Nothing fancy, won’t steal a win, but won’t blow many either.