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Casey Stengel

CASEY STENGEL AIM Historic Manager: Version #6 (7/1/2015 edition)

Micromanager CASEY STENGEL is an historic or imitation manager designed to handle the New York franchises from the late 1940s up through the early 1960s. This version is for AIM replays only. Stengel is not designed for draft league rosters but this version (7/2014) should be better suited for such games. Also, if you wish to use a Stengel-like manager for such games, try using Casey Stengel II or Casey Stengel II who are programmed for such leagues.

STENGEL is programmed to mimic or imitate the general style of the historic manager who guided the Yankees during that period. This includes heavy emphasis on platoon advantages, especially offensively, aggressive pinch hitting where platoon advantages/disadvantages occur, and a mix of bullpen usage including the use of one primary closer for a number of years but a bullpen by committee approach for other years