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Dan Murphy

Developed by Larry Bubb, Dan is a modern day (1980 and up) AIM manager.
– Starters avg 7.0 IP per game, low complete games (24-39) and spot starts (4-11), will pull starter.

– He likes to use the bullpen, but likes to use all the bullpen pitchers realistically in their roles.
– Uses many relievers, and determines his closer by Save totals and NOT by Grade.
– Relievers avg 1.5 IP per game, above average saves (21-27), uses all of bullpen, not just one closer.
– Makes smart relief moves, uses stats to choose.
– Doesn’t use a lot of roster, no reserves more than 15 games, if used it will be as a PH, will use pitchers as subs.
– He is aggressive on the bases, will take the extra base and work to win the game.
– Uses a low number of players to steal with few attempts (4-27), he waits for the big hit.

– Won’t steal in front of good bats, is aggressive to take extra base.
– Few sacrifice bunts (0-2).

– Not many defensive replacements or pinch hit pinch hitter.