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D’Artganan Caillouet


D’Artganan Caillouet is essentially a Buck Miller IV imitation or clone with several important changes. Most noticeable is the quicker hook with starters, especially low inning ones, and the extremely quick sub pattern with players. VERY aggressive. Although designed with both DH and non-DH rules, he’s probably best with the DH in effect. This version also more closely follows the modern pitching usage where starters are almost always pulled after 7 innings. You’ll see Caillouet follow that pattern unless the team’s bullpen is thin OR the starter – usually only top of the rotation ones – is having a dominating outing.


Starters are NOT saved.

One inning super closers (16+ grades); however might see some action in the 8th with one or more outs and two on. Normal closers (13-15) can be used for multiple (2 at most) innings. Typical modern style with setup guys in 6-8th innings for the supercloser. Quick hook for starters both in close games and in safe leads. Like to pull starters with nice leaders after 5 innings if possible, especially for low inning guys (under 120 or so). Use lefthanded specialists for key outs. Best, if possible, with middle or long relief types who can eat up innings.


Aggressive pinchhitting if high platoon disadvantage. Saves star players from being PH for (this is a tricky area). H&R and stealing are greatly influenced by steal rating/success. Will limit steals to actual numbers. Doesn’t bunt much except with real weak hitters in close games or late with critical run. Subs very early (5th onward) in lopsided games. Clear the bench, if possible.

Has all the bells and whistles: blowout subbing, better defensive players late, PR to steal a base, spot itchy relievers for one batter, et cetera.