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Earl Weaver 3

EARL WEAVER III: Draft League Only Manager, AIM

2012 version

The enclosed manager, Earl Weaver III, is a draft league-only manager designed to manage in the style of Weaver. He’s designed with AIM on. Weaver III does not set aside or consider starters or a starting rotation and every pitcher not benched may be used in relief. Users must bench their rotations with their f-files.

Weaver III like Weaver II is programmed to mimic or imitate the style used by the Hall of Fame manager Weaver in his career. This includes his heavy emphasis on platoon hitters, especially in the latter part of his career.

As with Weaver II, Earl Weaver III differs from Weaver, the replay manager, in that he’s more willing to use players “ahistorically”. For example, he’ll often use the best pinch hitter as measured by BA or OBP or SLG whereas the replay version will try to choose those pinchhitters who were more likely to be used even if they had lower averages. As such, Weaver III is a bit more APBA ballish although he will, for example, select closers by saves and not grades.