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Earl Weaver

EARL WEAVER: 2015 version, AIM: Best for replays (1969-80) but may be tried with a draft league roster of the same era. Best with BFs on but not necessary. Can be used in DH or non-DH games.

Weaver is programmed to mimic or imitate the style used by the Hall of Fame manager Weaver in his career. This includes his heavy emphasis on platoon hitters, especially in the latter part of his career.

While it’s advised that you use Weaver I or II for a draft league, you can try this revised version out. It may suit your needs. You don’t need to set aside starters since he’ll only use starters in relief IF they had relief appearances and usually ONLY if the bullpen is thin and he needs to use a starter in relief. If you want to make sure no starters are used then bench them.