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Ford Connor

Ford Conner – Cross Era Manager

Connor does NOT set aside or save a rotation. He will use all available pitchers (primary position of pitcher OR players rated as a pitcher with one or more starts or seven or more relief appearances AND four or more decisions.

Closers and most relievers in relief decisions in close games are chosen by adjusted grade (grade plus/minus control adjustments). “Normal” closers have adjusted grades of between 14 and 17. “Super” closers are those with 18 or higher grades. A good comparison between normal and superclosers would be a reliever with 12 saves and another reliever with 26 saves. Obviously, the latter was much more aggressively used in save situations (generally speaking – he could have been part of a bullpen by committee approach). Connor uses a “one inning” closer approach.

Other points:
Can be used for both DH and non-DH play; tends to “ignore” actual innings pitched for relievers (e.g., he’ll use a slightly higher grade reliever with fewer appearances over another reliever with higher innings/appearances); blowout/rout sub strategies; aggressive w/pinchrunning to steal bases late when ahead.