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Frank Terry



 Frank Terry considers/uses a 4 or 5-man rotation. These guys will be limited to late relief only (barring injury or pitcher ejection and no other pitchers can pitch).

Starters are those with games started greater than relief appearances and 15+ starts or guys with 25 or more starts. Pitchers falling into that category are then ranked from lowest ERA to high. The first 4/5 with the lowest ERA are considered a team’s primary starters/rotation. These guys may be spot used late in close games (usually only save situations but occasionally in -2/0 scores).

Note: If the fourth ranked guy has less than 35 starts, Terry will go with a 5 man rotation. If less than four pitchers meet the above definition (15+ starts and more starts than relief appearances OR 25+ starts), he’ll use the first 5 pitchers ranked by starts as the rotation. Pitchers who fall outside of these standards will be considered relievers.

Closers: generally grades of 13-16

Super type closers: generally grades of 17+

Terry considers grades plus control adjustments for the above. Platoon advantages may also play a role in choosing which closer/supercloser to use.

This version has a quicker hook (depending on your bullpen and available relievers) than previous editions. Little more platoon conscious; more aggressive PHing for relievers down esp. if bullpen is rested.

More “sensitive” to thin/overworked pens which leads to slower hook.

More aggressive with small ball especially late either to tie things up or pad leads.