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Joe Torre


Micromanager Joe Torre designed to handle the New York Yankees franchises from the late 1990s up through today. This version is for AIM replays only.

 Strategies of Torre to note include:

 1) A tendency play for big innings and generally speaking disliking “small ball” tactics (e.g., hit and run, sacrificing et cetera) but he will strongly favor, particularly against good opponents and quality pitchers, smart hit and run plays with favorable situations warranting them.

 2) Torre follows the general modern strategy with starters allowing them to go 5-6 innings, occasionally 7 with quality starters, and then aggressively using setup relievers to set the stage for a star stud closer. While he usually follows the one-inning closer approach, he will use his top closer for multiple innings (limited to 2) against quality opponents and a two or one-run lead.

 3) Torre tends to stay with the starting eight but will use his bench with non-regulars in the lineup. Usually, this is done when platoon disadvantages occur. He will occasionally be very aggressive pinch hitting when behind.

 4) Torre will sub liberally and early in lopsided games.  He will also pull starting pitchers in safe, blowout games.