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Judge Griffith

1960s AIM DRAFT MANAGER, 2020 version – Designed for draft only replays. AIM only.


Judge Griffith is identical to Juice Rogers EXCEPT that he does not consider a rotation. Any and every pitcher that is NOT benched will be used in relief. Griffith differs from 68 Griffith in his small ball and bunting strategies (more conservative and less oriented to that poor offensive season).

So you must bench your rotation with your f-files.

Griffith judges closers by grades. “Normal” type closers usually have an adjusted grade between 14 and 16 while “super” type closers will have adjusted grades of 17 and higher. Super closers will be used more aggressively than normal closers (Note: Adjusted grades are grades plus control ratings).

If you’ve got multiple closers (determined by the above standard grades), Griffith will likely use a bullpen by committee approach using all of the closers. He’ll usually save the top rated closer and spot use the other closer types as setup guys.

Other Areas:

Difficult to give much details here as many of his strategies such a PHing or stealing, et cetera are based on the type of players/roster he’s given. This version is a bit more aggressive trying to manufacture runs – PHing, bunting guys over, et cetera – than Rogers. Not greatly so but it may be noticeable in certain situations.

JG has a blowout sub strategy, likes to use itchy relievers in lopsided games for a batter  to remove their itchy status, et cetera.