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Luke Henderson

Luke Henderson is a Modern Era AIM manager, an Aggressive Sub/Blowout Version of Duke Robinson Jr.

Henderson is identical to Duke Robinson, Jr. with the exception of a more liberal blowout/rout substitution pattern. Other than that approach, he is the same. Roughly: +/- 7 runs or so. Less for starters and if itchy relievers need some work.
– Works with 5 man rotations and frequent pitcher substitutions, is well versed in the use of AIM.
– Starters avg 7.0 IP per game, low complete games (18-24) and lowest spot starts (2-7).
– Uses most of Relievers available in relief, many with 15+ games and have 20+ IP
– Relievers avg 1.4 IP per game in relief, highest saves (30-38) picks best available closer.
– Uses most of roster, some reserves with 15+ games, used mainly as defensive replacements.
– He will also hit & run and steal aggressively.
– Uses average number to steal, below average attempts (23-33).
– Low bunts (3- 5).