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Narcisse Bergeron 2

Bergeron II is an AIM, draft league manager best designed to handle mid-post war replays, ca., 1965. He’s nearly identical to Narcisse Bergeron with the exception of using or selecting closers by grade and not saves.


Bergeron sets aside a 5 man rotation of all pitchers with more starts than relief appearances and 15 or more starts and then ranked by ERA from low to high. If a pitcher did not, for example, have 15+ starts or more starts than relief appearances, he’s considered a reliever ONLY.

So, if you have a starter(s) that falls outside the above criteria, you must bench the pitcher with your f-file. Otherwise, he’ll be used out of the pen.

Bergeron has a relatively quick hook depending on the strength of your bullpen. However, he has a very quick hook with ace closer types (grades of 17+). These relievers will almost always be used in save situations even if the starter has a shutout.

Closers are selected by adjusted grades (that’s grade+control adjustments). Normal closers are those with adjusted grades between 13-16 while super-type closers are those with adjusted grades of 17+. The latter are more aggressively used than the former. Bergeron also will use setup relievers for his super closers who will be used, for the most part, for one inning. However, they will be used for 2 innings if their RR’s are high and they have a relieving durability of 2 or less.

Offense and Small Ball:

Steals are limited to 100% of actual. Steal rating/chance greatly considered. Low success guys will not go, period.

Aggressive with platoon advantages. Bunting limited mostly to punch-and-judy hitters or against top flight pitchers or late when tying run needed to be advanced.

Bells and whistles: Subbing in blowouts, itchy pitchers used.