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Rabbit Schindel

RABBIT SCHINDEL (Ver 2.00) 1908-1919

 Rabbit Schindel has been developed for general use with seasons from 1908 through 1919. He loves to bunt, hit and run and steal bases as was the manner of player prior to 1920.

Rabbit uses the guys the real-life managers used to bunt and thinks it’s all right to steal in most normal steal situations if the runner has “half a chance”. Rabbit, of course, never heard of the designated hitter or the double switch..  Used for a full season replay you can expect Rabbit to attempt the steal anywhere from 75-100% as much as the actual stats, as he doesn’t give the “green light” unless there’s about a 50% chance of success.

The intent in producing Rabbit was to have a competitive manager for the era who played the running game in the early style, but who was still a worthy adversary.

Remember, MicroManagers are created to cover a number of seasons, and their performance will fluctuate somewhat based on any particular season’s variance from the “norms” of the period. An example might be that if you use Rabbit in a season where the stolen base success percentage was higher, he’ll steal more, if it’s lower, he’ll steal less.