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Riverboat Durham

RIVERBOAT DURHAM 1980’s & 1990’s.

 Riverboat Durham,  is an A.I.M manager that concentrates on winning ball games rather than trying to use his roster as the manager might have done it in actual play.  He is well suited for draft league play, he uses players realistically and adjusts his strategies according to the team makeup.  He likes to move runners into scoring position and play for one run, but will try for the big inning if the team is power laden or if the game is not close.  He is moderate in most strategies and will not waste good players in blowouts.  He is also quick to remove pitchers with low ratings, but will stay with pitchers who accumulated high IP totals.  He’s ideal as a modern day 90’s style manager, but will work well with most post war eras.  He provides a good challenge as an opponent, just watch how he reacts to your moves. 

He depends heavily on some relievers. Spreads out saves proportionally with real-life saves. Pinch runs sometimes, doesn’t seem to pinch-steal as much. Sticks a long time with stud SPs. A Modern Era Manager who wins at all costs.