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Scrap Iron Jones

Scrap Iron Jones is a 1990’s AIM manager who follows the 1990’s managerial style of play, and has a long hook.
– Uses all of his roster for many games, usually for defense and pinch hitting.
– Will use many of his players for an average amount of steal attempts (42-73).
– Likes to bunt (16- 31).
– Waits for big hit, but will scratch some runs out
– Aggressive on the bases.
– Starters avg 7.5 IP per game with average CG (32- 48) and low spot starts (4-7).
– Uses some relievers, with a few for 15+ games.
– Relievers avg 2.0 IP per game, with average saves (12 -32).
– Picks closer by saves.
– Will use all of bench and pitching staff if needed