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1965 San Francisco Giants and 1976 Cincinnati Reds Auction

Our next auction will highlight some of the best seasons from three iconic Hall Of Famers – Juan Marichal, Willie Mays & Joe Morgan.

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In my opinion, the position that requires the most specialized skill of any sport is that of the pitcher, it is also the position that allows the athlete to develop his own unique style, not just with the pitches that he throws, but also in the form of his wind up & delivery.

In a sense the pitcher becomes an artist on the mound, the paint brush is his wind up & delivery, the colors he disperses on the canvas are the pitches he throws. One of my favorite “artists” was Juan Marichal and his magnificent high leg kick, although he pitched before my initiation as a baseball fan, I’ve seen enough video of his games to appreciate his virtuosity, together with Tom Seaver and Bob Gibson, they are my favorite pitchers in terms of beauty of form and artistry on the mound- 1965 was one of Marichal’s best seasons and a worthy selection for this auction.

I’ll highlight Willie Mays in a future auction, it suffices to say that what we have in this auction is one of the finest seasons from one of the best players of all time.


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The first card set I received when I purchased my first APBA board game was the 1976 set, eventhough I was a Mets fan I remember often playing with the 1976 Reds and torturing my friend with the exploits of Joe Morgan. Those of you who never played the APBA board game might not relate to the following comment, but for those that did play with the cards and dice you know that Morgan’s four 14* on the 1976 card were stolen base kryptonite for opponents and with his .444 OBP, it felt like he was on first base all the time…and then, just like that, on second base with another base stolen!

Joe Morgan passed away on 10-11-2020, followed closely by the passing of Tom Seaver and Lou Brock, that made three great players from the era I started watching baseball that are no longer with us…definitely makes you pause and take note of your own mortality.

Our auction started with my adversary snagging the two best relievers, Rawley Eastwick & Frank Linzy at $16 each. I really wanted at least one of those relievers, but my opponent’s aggressive opening play forced me to shift my focus to starting pitching.

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Of course I wanted Marichal, but my rival GM was on a pitching mission and would not be denied, he landed Marichal for $39, he followed that with Bob Shaw at $32. I liked the Marichal price, but Shaw, although he did have a good year, appeared to be slightly overpriced by a few dollars.

With four pitchers already on my rival’s squad I needed to act quickly to minimize the gap in his early advantage. I was able to land Fred Norman, Pat Zachry, Don Gullet & Bobby Bolin – together they were able to deliver 789 quality innings for a combined $55.

Next we turned our attention to hitting. In any two man auction that has two or more super talents, in this case Morgan & Mays, its always a thought to try to acquire both players, but of course, in an auction, the determining factor is the price, if you’re aggressive and will not be deterred in your quest for the two superstars, will the prices at some point become prohibitive? will the prices impact your ability to properly craft the remainder of your team? will it hurt your flexibility when bidding for other players? or do you think the advantages of having the two best hitters will eclipse any negative considerations?

We’ll my friends, those calculations and decisions, which all have to be made quickly, are what makes auctions challenging and thrilling!

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My strategy entailed acquiring Morgan or Mays, I thought the pursuit of both would be fruitless so I was willing to slightly overpay to secure one of them. I nominated Morgan and was able to land him at $36. Mays was nominated shortly thereafter and went to my opponent for $40. So the events played out as I had expected, we both secured the hitting foundations to our teams with the best two hitters.

We now moved on to the tougher task of supporting these two great hitters with complementary players. I was able to acquire Johnny Bench, Ken Griffey and Pete Rose at favorable prices. I followed that up with the purchase of Jim Ray Hart, I already had Rose to play 3B, so my plan was for Hart to play the outfield, my rival GM was low on money when Hart was nominated, so I was able to bring Hart on board for a profitable price of $10. This also removed the other full time 3B from the pool and forced my opponent to buy several bench players in an effort to cobble together enough at bats at the 3B position.

In a two man auction that only utilizes the rosters of two historical teams, you will typically have two primary players at each position, if your opponent gets one player, you need to get the other, if you don’t, you run the risk of not having enough ABs at a position, the consequence is that the Micro Manager will overuse players with low ABs and use them in a fatigued state, as a result they will drastically under perform and hurt your team.

I needed a second big bat to pair with Morgan and was fortunate to land Willie McCovey in the later part of the auction for $28. I added Cesar Geronimo at a favorable price of $5 and my offense was set at that point.

Even though Johnny Bench did not have a great offensive year in 1976, his acquisition was integral to my strategy due to his ability to throw out base runners. With Joe Morgan under contract, I needed to prevent my opponent from having the best defensive catcher so I could optimize Morgan’s larceny on the base paths, that, coupled with my selection of a Micromanager with aggressive base running tendencies allowed Morgan to steal 99 bases, compared to the 60 hes stole in real life!

My opponent complemented Willie Mays nicely with George Foster, Dave Conception and Tony Perez (great purchase at only $9).

On the pitching side, my rival GM was not able to support Marichal & Shaw with effective complementary pieces, Gary Nolan, Warren Spahn & Gaylord Perry provided quantity innings, but not quality innings.

The lackluster performance at the back end of the rotation and the deficit in at bats at the Catcher and 3B positions proved to be the difference between our teams. Below are the statistics for this simulation:

George Foster and Pat Zachry had the best single game hitting and pitching performances, view the complete box scores HERE.

MVP – Joe Morgan takes home the MVP – Willie Mays had a phenomenal season, but Morgan was the key cog in a dominant San Francisco Reds offense. Joe led the league in Runs Scored, OBP and Stolen Bases (with an astonishing 90% success rate) – he also chipped in with 25 Home Runs and delivered stellar defense.

CY YOUNG – In a simulation in which he was competing against Hall Of Famer Juan Marichal, Zachry comes out on top. Pat turned in a phenomenal season, going 23-4 and leading the league with a 2.49 ERA – to be fair, Marichal was going up against a stronger offense, but nevertheless, Pat Zachry is deserving of the accolade.

1965-1976San Francisco Reds104580.642 49-3255-2620-14
1965-1976Cincinnati Giants581040.3584626-5532-4914-20

MAYS, W.Cincinnati Giants0.328588121193321443591053
McCOVEY, W.San Francisco Reds0.285582113166235413221341
FOSTER, G.Cincinnati Giants0.2985838817419133432111811
MORGAN, J.San Francisco Reds0.311546122170230252689699
HART, J.San Francisco Reds0.28759590171312212699610
BENCH, J.San Francisco Reds0.26650055133262202239210
CONCEPCION, D.Cincinnati Giants0.2796149417134618271443
PEREZ, T.Cincinnati Giants0.2445405013231116213682
ROSE, P.San Francisco Reds0.336652108219336163121079
ALOU, J.Cincinnati Giants0.2835526815620010206551
GRIFFEY, K.San Francisco Reds0.31462711819726792646940
BAILEY, B.San Francisco Reds0.329140224610871300
GERONIMO, C.San Francisco Reds0.30352175158231372285829
DRIESSEN, D.San Francisco Reds0.2481012625505451519
PLUMMER, B.Cincinnati Giants0.232181144260460200
DAVENPORT, J.San Francisco Reds0.24532329791544114350
HALLER, T.San Francisco Reds0.193887170032690
GABRIELSON, L.Cincinnati Giants0.228145173353353150
CEPEDA, O.Cincinnati Giants0.234475111021870
ARMBRISTER, E.San Francisco Reds0.296547165122984
ALOU, M.San Francisco Reds0.25387102251235117
HENDERSON, K.Cincinnati Giants0.2075814120111740
LUM, M.Cincinnati Giants0.167663113011770
BROWN, O.Cincinnati Giants0.2172305200700
PETERSON, C.San Francisco Reds0.1602524200610
BERTELL, D.San Francisco Reds0.1432814000410
BURDA, B.Cincinnati Giants0.1353725000500
HIATT, J.Cincinnati Giants0.234776186002440
SCHRODER, B.Cincinnati Giants0.191897170001710
FUENTES, T.San Francisco Reds0.167909150001530
SCHOFIELD, D.San Francisco Reds0.237241305770064250
FLYNN, D.Cincinnati Giants0.242260206362073234
HUNDLEY, R.Cincinnati Giants0.129356154610047100
YOUNGBLOOD, J.Cincinnati Giants0.15834115546006091
LANIER, H.Cincinnati Giants0.2315883213618120178570
Total 0.25911172145328964248329743771383253

MAYS, W.Cincinnati Giants0.3280.3970.6111.0080.281.06142.89.4660
McCOVEY, W.San Francisco Reds0.2850.3870.5530.9400.270.99128.48.1685
FOSTER, G.Cincinnati Giants0.2980.3600.5510.9100.250.92114.67.2645
BAILEY, B.San Francisco Reds0.3290.4000.5070.9070.180.8927.67.3160
MORGAN, J.San Francisco Reds0.3110.4150.4910.9060.181.191359658
ROSE, P.San Francisco Reds0.3360.4020.4790.8800.140.871247.3727
ARMBRISTER, E.San Francisco Reds0.2960.3390.5370.8760.240.888.75.261
GRIFFEY, K.San Francisco Reds0.3140.3870.4210.8080.110.86112.56.8710
HART, J.San Francisco Reds0.2870.3540.4520.8060.170.7996.65.8670
BENCH, J.San Francisco Reds0.2660.3480.4460.7940.180.7879.75.5574
GERONIMO, C.San Francisco Reds0.3030.3570.4380.7940.130.7982.75.8572
DRIESSEN, D.San Francisco Reds0.2480.3390.4460.7850.20.9918.36118
CONCEPCION, D.Cincinnati Giants0.2790.3170.4410.7590.160.6884.55655
PEREZ, T.Cincinnati Giants0.2440.3180.3940.7130.150.6669.34.4606
ALOU, J.Cincinnati Giants0.2830.3180.3730.6910.090.5863.54.1586
ALOU, M.San Francisco Reds0.2530.2860.4020.6880.150.679.63.891
GABRIELSON, L.Cincinnati Giants0.2280.2910.3660.6570.140.5715.33.6158
HIATT, J.Cincinnati Giants0.2340.3370.3120.6490.080.588.23.689
CEPEDA, O.Cincinnati Giants0.2340.2650.3830.6480.150.564.93.749
DAVENPORT, J.San Francisco Reds0.2450.2880.3530.6410.110.5331.33.3347
PLUMMER, B.Cincinnati Giants0.2320.2670.3310.5990.10.4713.82.5191
HALLER, T.San Francisco Reds0.1930.2900.2950.5850.10.517.62.8100
HENDERSON, K.Cincinnati Giants0.2070.2810.2930.5740.090.494.92.865
SCHOFIELD, D.San Francisco Reds0.2370.3060.2660.5720.030.4619.12.6269
LANIER, H.Cincinnati Giants0.2310.2500.3030.5530.070.42432.5613
FLYNN, D.Cincinnati Giants0.2420.2650.2810.5450.040.4319.52.6273
LUM, M.Cincinnati Giants0.1670.2820.2580.5400.090.515.72.878
WERNER, D.San Francisco Reds0.2000.3330.2000.53300.50.42.86
BROWN, O.Cincinnati Giants0.2170.2170.3040.5220.090.391.52.323
SCHRODER, B.Cincinnati Giants0.1910.2170.1910.40800.273.51.392
PETERSON, C.San Francisco Reds0.1600.1600.2400.4000.
FUENTES, T.San Francisco Reds0.1670.2270.1670.39300.293.41.297
YOUNGBLOOD, J.Cincinnati Giants0.1580.2170.1760.3930.020.313.71.2371
BARTON, B.Cincinnati Giants0.1250.1250.2500.3750.130.290.318
BURDA, B.Cincinnati Giants0.1350.2200.1350.35500.260.90.741
BERTELL, D.San Francisco Reds0.1430.1720.1430.31500.20.60.629
HUNDLEY, R.Cincinnati Giants0.1290.1530.1320.28500.186.80.6368
Total 0.2590.3200.3920.7120.130.6614284.412393

MARICHAL, J.Cincinnati Giants151633.55364228923123209
SHAW, B.Cincinnati Giants131523.51294025121523154
ZACHRY, P.San Francisco Reds23402.493210224216426193
NOLAN, G.Cincinnati Giants62004.96281023427546121
NORMAN, F.San Francisco Reds20802.87298121317920163
SPAHN, W.Cincinnati Giants111606.6928201962603095
PERRY, G.Cincinnati Giants61806.14292119226814178
BOLIN, B.San Francisco Reds18422.52246318914717162
HERBEL, R.San Francisco Reds71704.74314218421020117
GULLETT, D.San Francisco Reds14403.212042145137989
BORBON, P.San Francisco Reds45132.46200131118559
EASTWICK, R.Cincinnati Giants2754.193101111091082
BILLINGHAM, J.San Francisco Reds5605.38152193.21181254
LINZY, F.Cincinnati Giants47163.4033084.273933
SARMIENTO, M.San Francisco Reds5261.210005221224
HENRY, B.San Francisco Reds1473.350005148545
MURAKAMI, M.San Francisco Reds2114.7221047.248759
McENANEY, W.San Francisco Reds2104.5310045.263520
DARCY, P.Cincinnati Giants0306.804004167631
ALCALA, S.San Francisco Reds3104.626203750214
HINTON, R.San Francisco Reds0134.1300028.131315
PRIDDY, B.Cincinnati Giants1000.0000012.2809
ESTELLE, D.Cincinnati Giants00016.20000101925
HENDERSON, J.Cincinnati Giants0008.640008.12009
HANDS, B.Cincinnati Giants02017.612007.21714
Total 162162584.063245414289928962971944

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