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2002 Atlanta Braves, 2005 St.Louis Cardinals, 2011 Philadelphia Phillies and 2017 Houston Astros Auction

For this auction we are going to deconstruct four great 100+ win teams from the last 20 years to create 3 new teams! Usually the number of real teams is the same as the number of Sim teams, but I was curious to see how adding an extra team would affect the bidding, let’s find […]

1906 Chicago Cubs and 1927 New York Yankees Auction

For this auction we will deconstruct two of the most dominant teams in baseball history, the 1906 Cubs and the 1927 Yankees! What will make this auction interesting is that these two teams were dominant in completely different ways. The Cubs were triumphant with pitching and of course the Ruth & Gehrig led Yankees dominated […]

1965 San Francisco Giants and 1976 Cincinnati Reds Auction

Our next auction will highlight some of the best seasons from three iconic Hall Of Famers – Juan Marichal, Willie Mays & Joe Morgan. In my opinion, the position that requires the most specialized skill of any sport is that of the pitcher, it is also the position that allows the athlete to develop his […]

1924 Robins, 1938Yankees,1948 Indians, 1955 Dodgers Auction

Before they were they were the Brooklyn Dodgers, they were the Robins, no wait, they were the Trolley Dodgers, or perhaps they were the Robins and the Dodgers at the same time. Here is what Wikipedia has to say: “The franchise that finally came to be called “the Dodgers” were the Atlantics (1884), Bridegrooms or […]

Los Angeles Angels APBA Auction – 1979,1986,2002,2014

What would happen if you took the players from four great Angels teams of the past (1979,1986,2002,2014) and made them all free agents, then conducted an auction to create four brand new teams? Who would build the best team? Let’s find out! Although the team has had an identity crisis over the years, never quite […]

1978 New York Yankees & 1985 New York Mets APBA Auction

One of the reasons I started playing Fantasy/Rotisserie Baseball back in 1989 was to try to extricate myself from the dysfunctional relationship that is being a fan of a professional sports team. Most kids become fans of a team because someone in their family was a fan (father, uncle, brother, etc.) – that didn’t happen […]