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2019 Los Angeles Dodgers & 2019 Atlanta Braves APBA Auction

What would happen if you disbanded the 2019 Dodgers & Braves and from that pool of players, two intrepid baseball sim owners decided to conduct a Fantasy/Rotisserie style auction to create two new teams?

Well that’s exactly what me and a friend decided to do. For those of you unfamiliar with Fantasy Baseball auctions, unlike drafts in which you select a player when your turn comes up, in an auction each owner receives 260 imaginary dollars to purchase the players for their team.

In 2019 the Braves and Dodgers won 97 & 106 games respectively, so there was plenty of talent available, additionally, the combined OPS (.826) & WHIP (1.23) of these teams was well balanced which indicated a good mix of quality hitters and pitchers would be available.

My rival GM didn’t waste anytime in carving out the direction of his team by investing $35 on Ronald Acuna, he followed that up with the purchase of Cody Bellinger, arguably the best available hitter in the auction. My opponent later doubled down on his hitting supremacy by also purchasing Freddie Freeman, Josh Donaldson and Ozzie Albies.

Faced with being overbid for many of the best hitters, I decided to try to counter the superior hitting with pitching prowess, to that end, a pitching staff was assembled consisting of Hyun-Jin Ryu, Clayton Kershaw, Mike Soroka, Max Fried and Kenta Maeda, these starters were supported by a steady bullpen led by by Shane Greene, Sean Newcomb and Casey Sadler. Ryu & Kershaw were purchased at fair prices ($22 each) which left some flexibility to be able to buy just enough hitting to stay competitive with the Atlanta Dodgers hitting crew. Leading the way on the hitting side for the Los Angeles Braves were Joc Pederson, Justin Turner & Max Muncy. Pederson proved to be a key cog for the team, delivering 41 home runs in only 474 ABs – ranking 3rd in this simulation behind only Cody Bellinger and Josh Donaldson, it also didn’t hurt that I was able to purchase Pederson at a very favorable price of only $9.

In the end, the superior pitching was enough to overcome the big bats.

MVP – Cody Bellinger wins the MVP award with an impressive 53 Home Runs and .991 OPS. Cody also led the league in RBI & runs scored. Josh Donaldson & Freedie Freeman also had very good years, but Bellinger was clearly the best hitter in this auction.

CY YOUNG – Hyun-Jin Ryu wins the Cy Young Award on the strength of a 3.02 ERA and 203 Ks in 196 innings. This was an extremely close race with his teammate Max Fried who almost had identical stats (197 innings, 210 Ks and a 3.20 ERA) – ultimately the slight edge in ERA tipped the scale in Ryu’s favor!

The delightful dilemma in auctions is that no two are exactly alike, it won’t always be the case, but in this the inaugural Baseballsim auction, the superior pitching prevailed.

Year TeamWLPCTGBHomeAway
2019Los Angeles Braves90720.55642-3847-33
2019Atlanta Dodgers72900.4441833-4738-42
Final Standings
BELLINGER, C.Atlanta Dodgers0.29159711433653378121594
DONALDSON, J.Atlanta Dodgers0.23458986340473131087910
PEDERSON, J.Los Angeles Braves0.264474872304127190393
FREEMAN, F.Atlanta Dodgers0.2436088937338305105640
ACUNA, R.Atlanta Dodgers0.2426151012013427380966
MUNCY, M.Los Angeles Braves0.225529832303324176941
TURNER, J.Los Angeles Braves0.2634877115033242100547
ALBIES, O.Atlanta Dodgers0.2456871013942729663364
BEATY, M.Los Angeles Braves0.345296463022019666164
TAYLOR, C.Atlanta Dodgers0.2533875431319192472812
VERDUGO, A.Los Angeles Braves0.298389702711719652241
SEAGER, C.Los Angeles Braves0.259501803501621350445
SMITH, W.Los Angeles Braves0.2251822830148626211
MARKAKIS, N.Los Angeles Braves0.28325481611114240362
McCANN, B.Los Angeles Braves0.26623731901110542370
FREESE, D.Los Angeles Braves0.3421583080119531300
RILEY, A.Los Angeles Braves0.215144217010682580
POLLOCK, A.Los Angeles Braves0.313208348291043391
BARNES, A.Atlanta Dodgers0.221235249088531227
FLOWERS, T.Los Angeles Braves0.248137206076119180
DUVALL, A.Los Angeles Braves0.22711915317531870
CAMARGO, J.Atlanta Dodgers0.1612731514067623142
MARTIN, R.Atlanta Dodgers0.156244174066019221
INCIARTE, E.Los Angeles Braves0.21919237122676182010
HERNANDEZ, E.Los Angeles Braves0.23126185155119184
JOYCE, M.Los Angeles Braves0.2731983011047714460
WHITE, T.Los Angeles Braves0.2591972810047320350
SWANSON, D.Los Angeles Braves0.2371601910046012150
CERVELLI, F.Atlanta Dodgers0.179145179234818190
GYORKO, J.Atlanta Dodgers0.21811913413411350
RIOS, E.Los Angeles Braves0.1674860031712140
GARLICK, K.Los Angeles Braves0.182336103161170
CULBERSON, C.Los Angeles Braves0.35742521225630
ORTEGA, R.Atlanta Dodgers0.097811101114710
MURPHY, J.Atlanta Dodgers0.15770660120660
HAMILTON, B.Atlanta Dodgers0.215442431340116233232
HECHAVARRIA, A.Los Angeles Braves0.2263162009212
Hitters sorted by Home Runs
FREESE, D.Los Angeles Braves0.3420.4530.6011.0540.261.1944.811.3190
BEATY, M.Los Angeles Braves0.3450.3820.6621.0440.321.09739.8314
CULBERSON, C.Los Angeles Braves0.3570.4130.5951.0080.241.0710.810.846
BELLINGER, C.Atlanta Dodgers0.2910.3570.6330.9910.341.041398.7663
PEDERSON, J.Los Angeles Braves0.2640.3380.5720.9090.310.9293.37530
DONALDSON, J.Atlanta Dodgers0.2340.3280.5310.8590.30.881066.1674
POLLOCK, A.Los Angeles Braves0.3130.3510.5000.8510.190.8136.66.7222
TURNER, J.Los Angeles Braves0.2630.3530.4970.8500.230.87896.3569
VERDUGO, A.Los Angeles Braves0.2980.3410.5040.8450.210.7965.56.3416
FREEMAN, F.Atlanta Dodgers0.2430.3190.5020.8200.260.8995.6687
GARLICK, K.Los Angeles Braves0.1820.3250.4850.8100.30.825.35.240
TAYLOR, C.Atlanta Dodgers0.2530.3100.4960.8060.240.7959.45.4420
McCANN, B.Los Angeles Braves0.2660.3630.4430.8060.180.7938.85.7278
MUNCY, M.Los Angeles Braves0.2250.3440.4560.7990.230.8189.15.7631
JOYCE, M.Los Angeles Braves0.2730.4080.3890.7970.120.8234.36.1245
ACUNA, R.Atlanta Dodgers0.2420.3500.4440.7940.20.811035.8723
FLOWERS, T.Los Angeles Braves0.2480.3480.4450.7930.20.7721.15.3158
SMITH, W.Los Angeles Braves0.2250.3170.4730.7900.250.7828.25.2208
MARKAKIS, N.Los Angeles Braves0.2800.3510.4370.7880.160.7652.45.9365
RILEY, A.Los Angeles Braves0.2150.2850.4720.7570.260.6917.74158
SEAGER, C.Los Angeles Braves0.2590.3200.4250.7450.170.770.75550
WHITE, T.Los Angeles Braves0.2590.3730.3710.7440.110.7128.15233
HERNANDEZ, E.Los Angeles Braves0.2300.3290.4050.7340.180.7417.94.8147
DUVALL, A.Los Angeles Braves0.2270.2810.4450.7270.220.67154.4128
ALBIES, O.Atlanta Dodgers0.2450.2800.4310.7110.190.6484.34.3729
RIOS, E.Los Angeles Braves0.1670.3550.3540.7090.190.787.24.962
INCIARTE, E.Los Angeles Braves0.2190.3030.3960.6990.180.72264.6218
SWANSON, D.Los Angeles Braves0.2370.3150.3750.6900.140.6218.94178
BARNES, A.Atlanta Dodgers0.2210.3060.3620.6680.140.6426.63.7268
CERVELLI, F.Atlanta Dodgers0.1790.2920.3310.6230.150.5814.33.1168
GYORKO, J.Atlanta Dodgers0.2180.2500.3450.5950.130.489.82.8124
HECHAVARRIA, A.Los Angeles Braves0.2260.2500.2900.5400.070.482.32.432
HAMILTON, B.Atlanta Dodgers0.2150.2690.2620.5310.050.5134.62.6476
MURPHY, J.Atlanta Dodgers0.1570.2240.2860.5090.130.444.82.276
MARTIN, R.Atlanta Dodgers0.1560.2450.2460.4910.090.4416.52.1278
CAMARGO, J.Atlanta Dodgers0.1610.2030.2780.4820.120.415.71.8290
ORTEGA, R.Atlanta Dodgers0.0900.1650.1410.3060.050.382.50.985
Hitters sorted by OPS
RYU, H.Los Angeles Braves131003.02292941196.21403120340
FRIED, M.Los Angeles Braves16503.202929001971492521067
HILL, R.Los Angeles Braves7303.391210006953128225
STRIPLING, R.Atlanta Dodgers9403.416080010384128337
KERSHAW, C.Los Angeles Braves12603.59282832190.21353421160
GONSOLIN, T.Los Angeles Braves0403.61870042.13564317
SOROKA, M.Los Angeles Braves13803.70303011192.11542714967
BUEHLER, W.Atlanta Dodgers111004.033333002031623220268
KEUCHEL, D.Atlanta Dodgers61205.112323001251162211947
FOLTYNEWICZ, M.Atlanta Dodgers31205.55232300123.11522611342
URIAS, J.Atlanta Dodgers7515.752414008382149738
MAEDA, K.Los Angeles Braves41205.79252510124.11402313157
TEHERAN, J.Atlanta Dodgers62105.86353500187.119140150109
Pitchers Ranked By ERA