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1998 New York Yankees & 1998 St.Louis Cardinals APBA Auction

When deciding what teams to select for the Sim Auctions the two main considerations are likely to be:

1. Choosing a great historical team full of talented players

2. Choosing a team that did not perform at the highest level, but had one or two players with legendary seasons.

The year 1998 fulfilled both criteria. The New York Yankees had a historic season, finishing with the second highest win total in history (114) – culminating in a 4-0 sweep of the San Diego Padres in the World Series. The Bronx Bombers were balanced from top to bottom, and would give us plenty of players to choose from during the auction.

The 2nd team chosen for this Sim Auction was the 1998 St.Louis Cardinals, the Cards in 1998 were mediocre, winning only 83 games, but they had one major attraction – Mark McGwire.

I have fond memories of the 1998 season and the home run battle between MarMcGwire and Sammy Sosa (before steroids became part of the conversation) and wanted to see how close Mark McGuire could come to his real life record breaking performance.

My adversary started the auction by purchasing Derek Jeter for $24, I really wanted Jeter as the cornerstone of my infield and almost bid $25, but backed off at the last second remembering the player I was primarily targeting was McGwire. Big Mac’s turn came up a few rounds later and I was able to grab him for $34.

What makes auctions so engrossing, especially with the two team format that we’re using, is that every combination of teams is unique and forces you to create a new strategy, additionally, when a player is introduced for bidding also has a big impact on the price paid, in McGwire’s case, we started the bidding in the middle part of the auction, had he been nominated earlier, I might have been forced to pay $2 or $3 more for him, so I was happy to get him at $34.

I was able to grab Bernie Williams to patrol center field and bat in front of McGwire and also supplemented the hitting with Brian Jordan and Darryl Strawberry. Darryl only had 345 ABs, but that went along with an .896 OPS, I was fortunate to get him for $7.

1998 was tilted towards hitting so acquiring quality pitching was paramount for the auction to be a success, my rival GM and I recognized this and shadowed each other by acquiring the two best starting pitchers – David Cone and David Wells, however, I was able to gain a tactical advantage by landing both Mariano Rivera & Graham Lloyd, together giving me 112 superb relief innings.

My opponent followed up David Wells nicely with Andy Pettitte ($24), Orlando Hernandez ($19) & Hideki Irabu ($14). On the hitting side, he buttressed Jeter, with Ray Lankford, Chuck Knoblauch & Paul O’Neill – all at excellent prices. For the most part, both teams were evenly matched, but ultimately the lack of reliable relief pitchers is what turned out to be the Achilles heel for my opponent’s team.

MVP – Mark McGwire turned out to be everything I anticipated, he ended the year with 70 Home runs, how many HRs did he hit in real life you ask? You guessed it – 70! It didn’t stop there, 411 total bases, 157 RBI, 160 BB, 1.179 OPS!! – by any measure, a phenomenal year.

CY YOUNG – As we all know, baseball is a delicate balance between hitting and pitching, someone needed to step up as the ace to complement the hitting exploits of Big Mac, David Cone was up to the challenge delivering 244 quality innings encased in a 2.98 ERA (he was the only SP with an ERA under 3.00). David ended the year 20-6 and was also the only pitcher to strike out more than 200 batters (214).

1998New York Cardinals103590.63647-3456-25
1998St.Louis Yankees591030.3644425-5634-47
Final Standings
McGWIRE, M.New York Cardinals0.306571139175222701571571601
JORDAN, B.New York Cardinals0.30759911518434736119783520
STRAWBERRY, D.New York Cardinals0.25133467841023280105599
MARTINEZ, T.St.Louis Yankees0.27955277154382329582660
LANKFORD, R.St.Louis Yankees0.30158410117644731101151898
GANT, R.St.Louis Yankees0.2044265787200256484510
WILLIAMS, B.New York Cardinals0.3145511191732882583976617
CLAYTON, R.New York Cardinals0.267558931493452185926022
O’NEILL, P.St.Louis Yankees0.27963589177413218874512
BROSIUS, S.New York Cardinals0.290552761603212099110609
JETER, D.St.Louis Yankees0.290618971792561771115613
KNOBLAUCH, C.St.Louis Yankees0.233626901462441546806615
GAETTI, G.St.Louis Yankees0.24845155112350124365450
POSADA, J.New York Cardinals0.2363134174271104590350
DeSHIELDS, D.New York Cardinals0.28839977115134842456131
LAMPKIN, T.St.Louis Yankees0.16825620439063051200
MARRERO, E.St.Louis Yankees0.216273225922163235210
GIRARDI, J.New York Cardinals0.289315369115563854121
DREW, J.St.Louis Yankees0.2864261221510730
SPENCER, S.New York Cardinals0.2506814172051115120
KELLY, P.New York Cardinals0.25815915415041845163
HOWARD, D.New York Cardinals0.23012218281131231100
HUNTER, B.New York Cardinals0.186129924713142852
TATIS, F.St.Louis Yankees0.284215206115532249142
CURTIS, C.St.Louis Yankees0.200220344413031127280
DAVIS, C.New York Cardinals0.28663718302151390
LEDEE, R.St.Louis Yankees0.33327793012858
McGEE, W.St.Louis Yankees0.22540390017421
POLANCO, P.New York Cardinals0.286498142219322
MERCKER, K.New York Cardinals0.1676651102142600
RAINES, T.New York Cardinals0.246289427112112145465
LITTLE, M.New York Cardinals0.182443800041450
SOJO, L.St.Louis Yankees0.261465123007340
ORDAZ, L.New York Cardinals0.239464112001651
PAGNOZZI, T.St.Louis Yankees0.11643151005970
SVEUM, D.St.Louis Yankees0.060501300051630
MABRY, J.St.Louis Yankees0.2466511670091220
BUSH, H.New York Cardinals0.316791125400623109
Total 0.257111931634287556171426155522171243171
Hitters sorted by Home Runs
McGWIRE, M.New York Cardinals0.3060.7201.1790.411.3912.8738
DREW, J.St.Louis Yankees0.2860.7381.0710.451.18.645
LEDEE, R.St.Louis Yankees0.3330.5560.9930.221.410.232
LANKFORD, R.St.Louis Yankees0.3010.5600.9510.2618.2678
STRAWBERRY, D.New York Cardinals0.2510.5810.9460.3317.1397
WILLIAMS, B.New York Cardinals0.3140.5300.9140.220.937.1625
JORDAN, B.New York Cardinals0.3070.5680.9130.260.937.3640
MARTINEZ, T.St.Louis Yankees0.2790.5290.8820.250.886.7626
SPENCER, S.New York Cardinals0.2500.5000.8630.250.896.480
BROSIUS, S.New York Cardinals0.2900.4600.8180.170.85.9627
DAVIS, C.New York Cardinals0.2860.4290.7980.140.74573
POLANCO, P.New York Cardinals0.2860.4690.7960.180.785.752
CLAYTON, R.New York Cardinals0.2670.4590.7950.190.85.5626
JETER, D.St.Louis Yankees0.2900.4320.7910.140.755.8688
DeSHIELDS, D.New York Cardinals0.2880.4010.7820.110.825.5464
O’NEILL, P.St.Louis Yankees0.2790.4520.7820.170.74.9691
TATIS, F.St.Louis Yankees0.2840.4420.7720.160.715.2233
BUSH, H.New York Cardinals0.3160.3670.7560.050.815.490
GIRARDI, J.New York Cardinals0.2890.4250.7410.140.644.8332
AYBAR, M.New York Cardinals0.3680.3680.73700.585.520
POSADA, J.New York Cardinals0.2360.4250.7360.190.674.1354
GAETTI, G.St.Louis Yankees0.2480.4060.7350.160.674.4511
GANT, R.St.Louis Yankees0.2040.4270.7110.220.684.2486
KELLY, P.New York Cardinals0.2580.3650.7020.110.644.1178
KNOBLAUCH, C.St.Louis Yankees0.2330.3560.6800.120.644715
RAINES, T.New York Cardinals0.2460.3040.6550.060.634.1337
SOJO, L.St.Louis Yankees0.2610.3260.6460.070.543.650
MARRERO, E.St.Louis Yankees0.2160.3700.6400.150.553.2296
MABRY, J.St.Louis Yankees0.2460.3540.6190.110.53.168
HOWARD, D.New York Cardinals0.2300.3280.6090.10.533.4135
ORDAZ, L.New York Cardinals0.2390.2830.5960.040.51351
PETTITTE, A.St.Louis Yankees0.0440.0440.15400.120.277
Total 0.2570.4340.7660.180.73512682
Hitters sorted by OPS
HOLMES, D.New York Cardinals40.80031.6431004435
LLOYD, G.New York Cardinals51.000121.81350044.220
RIVERA, M.New York Cardinals70.538212.8264006742
CONE, D.New York Cardinals200.76902.9835354244180
JIMENEZ, J.St.Louis Yankees023.14140028.225
BUDDIE, M.New York Cardinals20.66703.2323303935
BRANTLEY, J.St.Louis Yankees30.500203.2743005560
NELSON, J.New York Cardinals20.66703.38480042.245
MORRIS, M.New York Cardinals100.66703.5621211131111
AYBAR, M.New York Cardinals40.44403.579925351
WELLS, D.St.Louis Yankees130.52003.6634344236201
KING, C.New York Cardinals10.50003.6827002227
MERCKER, K.New York Cardinals140.60903.8632322188206
MENDOZA, R.New York Cardinals90.52903.9128221149122
OLIVER, D.New York Cardinals60.54504.25161609188
ACEVEDO, J.New York Cardinals80.72734.4324180111106
IRABU, H.St.Louis Yankees90.36004.4831314195173
PETTITTE, A.St.Louis Yankees100.43504.6034342195199
PAINTER, L.New York Cardinals40.66714.9458005145
BOTTENFIELD, K.St.Louis Yankees60.35305.0834223147147
HERNANDEZ, O.St.Louis Yankees50.29405.1128283158133
PETKOVSEK, M.New York Cardinals21.00005.40370080111
POLITTE, C.New York Cardinals10.33335.4827304658
BRUSKE, J.New York Cardinals30.50035.5238003132
OSBORNE, D.St.Louis Yankees10.25025.67430087.1110
FRASCATORE, J.St.Louis Yankees40.25016.537500102117
BUSBY, M.New York Cardinals10.50007.32203035.246
CROUSHORE, R.St.Louis Yankees20.25007.56480058.188
WITT, B.St.Louis Yankees20.22207.62101005262
STANTON, M.St.Louis Yankees40.57107.97701084.2119
GAETTI, G.St.Louis Yankees00.00009.502221835
Total 44.5203912.609470.2612682
Pitchers sorted by ERA