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Los Angeles Angels APBA Auction – 1979,1986,2002,2014

What would happen if you took the players from four great Angels teams of the past (1979,1986,2002,2014) and made them all free agents, then conducted an auction to create four brand new teams? Who would build the best team? Let’s find out!

Although the team has had an identity crisis over the years, never quite deciding what city they belonged to, or if they should align themselves with the state, they’ve always been the ANGELS:

  • Los Angeles Angels (2016–present)
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2005–2015)
  • Anaheim Angels (1997–2004)
  • California Angels (1965–1996)
  • Los Angeles Angels (1961–1965)
Don Baylor

The 1979 Angels won the AL Central with an 88-74 record, their forte was definitely hitting, they ranked 3rd out of 26 teams in OPS, but only 21st in ERA. Don Baylor, that year’s MVP, was their star hitter, slamming 36 Home Runs and driving in 139 runs, and they did have some pitching, Nolan Ryan & Dave Frost both delivered sub 4.00 ERAs in over 200 innings. This was not one of Ryan’s dominant years, but he still struck out 223 batters.

The 1986 Angels team is a prime example of why it’s not a healthy relationship to be a fan of a professional sports team, the simple fact is that losing feels worse than winning feels good, in 1986 the Angels won the AL west with a 90-72 record, in the ALCS they led the Red Sox 3 games to 1, they led the fourth game in the 9th inning by 3 runs, there were 2 outs and 2 strikes when Dave Henderson hit a devastating game tying home run, the Angels would go on to lose game 5 in extra innings and would inevitably lose the next two games. Anyone who has ever cheered for a team can imagine the pain the Angels fans must have felt, getting 1 strike away from a World Series, only to be denied and then emotionally crushed. Is it rational for a human being to be so devastated by the actions of another group of humans they don’t even know? Just something to ponder…

Tim Salmon

The 2002 Angels won 99 games and finished 4 games behind the Oakland A’s, but qualified for the playoffs via the Wild Card route. They took the opportunity afforded by the Wild Card entrance into the playoffs by beating the NY Yankees (3-1) then the Minnesota Twins (4-1). The Angels then won their 1st World Series by beating the San Francisco Giants in a dramatic 7 game series.

The 2014 edition of the Angels won the AL Central with a record of 98-64. Although arguably the best team in baseball that year (based on run differential) – they were bounced from the playoffs by the Kansas City Royals who were built to perform better in a pitching dominated short series.


GM Andy Palomino kicked off the auction by purchasing one of the better pitchers available, Kirk McKaskill (1986) for $34, perhaps an overpay, but GM Palomino wanted to secure at least one of the top pitchers and wasted no time in doing so. A Sim Auction record is set with the 3rd player purchased in the auction as GM Derek Bain and GM Tom Corby go mano a mano in a bidding war for Mike Trout, Bain finally relents and Trout goes to Corby’s team for $50 – the highest price payed for a hitter in Sim Auction history!!

GM Derek Bain makes 2B Bobby Grich (1979) his 1st purchase, then GM Steve Andrusko joins the auction frenzy with consecutive purchases of Wally Joyner (1986) and Troy Glaus (2002) for $28 and $27 respectively.

GM Bain fortified his hitting by purchasing Don Baylor (1979) for $35, he now had 2 of the top 5 rated hitters under contract. GM Bain eventually had to purchase some pitching, which he did with the acquisition of Nolan Ryan (1979) $38 and Jered Weaver (2014) $30. The Ryan purchase might have been a slight overpay, but one of the challenges of the auction is balancing your team – there comes a point during the auction when the available choices have diminished and you need a particular hitter or pitcher to stabilize the hitting/pitching equation, sometimes the only option is to overpay or be left with unspent money! The Ryan purchase was that type of scenario…not a lot of quality pitching left at that point in the auction, so GM Bain had to pay a premium.

GM Andrusko had a very balanced auction, in addition to the Joyner and Glaus purchases, he aquired Brad Fullmer (2002) for $20 and Garrett Richards (2014) for $27, he did not spend $30 or more for any player.

After the Trout record setting purchase, GM Corby became conservative, he purchased Darin Erstad (2002) for $25 and Jarrod Washburn (2002) for $31, but did not spend more than $20 for any other player, ultimately leaving $33 unspent!

GM Palomino continued to fortify his pitching by purchasing Mike Witt (1986) for $42, and secured the foundation of his hitting by adding Brian Downing (1986) and Tim Salmon (2002) for $26 each.

In analyzing the auction results, it appeared that the hitting was fairly even between the four teams, with GM Palomino having a slight edge in OBP, but ultimately it was GM Palomino’s pitching that made the difference.

A new concept was tried for the first time to determine the best team – a World Series would be played in which each “game” of the series would be represented by the simulation of an entire season, with the series played in the traditional best of 7 format. Below are the results – GM Palomino wins the series 4-1-1.

TeamSeason #1Season #2Season #3Season #4Season #5Season #6Average Wins

MVP – Mike Trout justifies his $50 auction price tag by winning the Sim Auction MPV. Mike was 1st in HRs with 38, tied for 1st in triples (14), 2nd in RBIs (114) and 1st in OPS. Runner-Up – Tim Salmon

CY YOUNG The trophy for the best pitcher goes to Mike Witt, he was 2nd in innings pitched (250) & strikeouts (205) and led the Simulation with 22 wins, Mike was tied for 2nd among starting pitchers in WHIP (1.18) and 5th in ERA (3.53). Runner-Up – Garrett Richards.

TROUT, M.Corby Angels0.28163012017732143835111414
BAYLOR, D.Bain Angels0.278586831632823329410224
GLAUS, T.Andrusko Angels0.23658482138202302521022
ANDERSON, G.Bain Angels0.26466788176461303141176
SALMON, T.Palomino Angels0.2725369714639029272903
PUJOLS, A. Corby Angels 0.27666786184370293081080
DOWNING, B.Palomino Angels0.2725418914719725255961
JONES, R.Andrusko Angels0.218422709212023173518
DeCINCES, D. Corby Angels 0.2435306812924322225690
GRICH, B.Bain Angels0.2325817813527722242911
LANSFORD, C.Bain Angels0.25161478154193212427427
AIKENS, W.Palomino Angels0.2554285710913320188721
HENDRICK, G.Palomino Angels0.283304458616218160701
FULLMER, B.Andrusko Angels0.2374385610432316190542
FORD, D.Palomino Angels0.29958596175211162467812
JOYNER, W.Andrusko Angels0.2866117717525716262930
CRON, C.Bain Angels0.24529031717015123480
CALHOUN, K. Corby Angels 0.2625157713529415217567
GARR, R.Andrusko Angels0.251351388810113139413
HAMILTON, J. Corby Angels 0.262362489520012151494
JACKSON, R.Andrusko Angels0.2424475310813112159531
DOWNING, B.Bain Angels0.3035248015935012230575
SPIEZIO, S.Palomino Angels0.2635208413734311210744
GRICH, B. Corby Angels 0.269342359228010150520
NARRON, J. Corby Angels 0.2394515410816310160581
ECKSTEIN, D. Corby Angels 0.2626299416523510228696
OCHOA, A.Palomino Angels0.297283548419091304813
IANNETTA, C.Palomino Angels0.277361501003009157552
SCHOFIELD, D.Bain Angels0.197498469816391474928
PETTIS, G.Bain Angels0.257599101154231092244654
COWGILL, C.Bain Angels0.1753263757160897343
ERSTAD, D. Corby Angels 0.2596567217025382255424
KENNEDY, A.Palomino Angels0.30750574155301472348019
KENDRICK, H.Andrusko Angels0.279698881952937251573
WILFONG, R. Corby Angels 0.24028840691626107350
RUDI, J.Andrusko Angels0.20730916641526101230
HOWELL, J.Palomino Angels0.2291702439124574170
BOONE, B.Andrusko Angels0.26537745100815125360
AYBAR, E.Andrusko Angels0.309598721853815240708
BURLESON, R.Palomino Angels0.28929435851204109330
MILLER, R.Palomino Angels0.265366609710031162611
CAREW, R.Bain Angels0.3164317213613731723242
GIL, B.Palomino Angels0.301731122130241191
DONOHUE, T.Bain Angels0.2229072030229140
BECKHAM, G.Palomino Angels0.201149183050241141
ANDERSON, J.Palomino Angels0.1912722352151275304
RYAL, M.Palomino Angels0.23738590011270
RAMIREZ, J.Palomino Angels0.3243722122212170
WHITE, D. Corby Angels 0.211577123112072
NAVARRO, E. Corby Angels 0.34185142981142101
GREEN, G. Corby Angels 0.313112163590147130
WOOTEN, S.Bain Angels0.254130163380144130
CONGER, H.Palomino Angels0.271144213951149150
MOLINA, B.Andrusko Angels0.324176757101172250
AMEZAGA, A.Andrusko Angels0.53813872009011
BUCK, J. Corby Angels 0.1922615200700
MOLINA, J.Palomino Angels0.3003039000940
FREESE, D.Andrusko Angels0.1714137100810
CLARK, B.Palomino Angels0.283609176002352
THON, D.Bain Angels0.300709216002770
CAMPANERIS, B. Corby Angels 0.1977112141001588
RETTENMUND, M.Bain Angels0.21010012214002591
HARLOW, L.Andrusko Angels0.2222342952122068120
MILLER, D. Corby Angels 0.27129532801950109340
PALMEIRO, O.Andrusko Angels0.2273083470170087252
AMEZAGA, A.Andrusko Angels0.5380.5710.6921.2640.1542.14.211.414
RAMIREZ, J.Palomino Angels0.3240.4090.5680.9770.2431.0388.88.844
TROUT, M. Corby Angels 0.2810.3760.5570.9330.2761.002139.28734
NAVARRO, E. Corby Angels 0.3410.4290.4940.9230.1530.98219.29.198
GIL, B.Palomino Angels0.3010.3380.5620.8990.260.85212.76.278
SALMON, T.Palomino Angels0.2720.3600.5070.8680.2350.873100.46.7617
HENDRICK, G.Palomino Angels0.2830.3400.5260.8670.2430.82952.66.1338
DOWNING, B.Palomino Angels0.2720.3940.4710.8650.20.92110.47.4658
OCHOA, A.Palomino Angels0.2970.4020.4590.8610.1630.90253.56.7336
BAYLOR, D.Bain Angels0.2780.3480.5020.8500.2240.8751056.3661
DOWNING, B.Bain Angels0.3030.4050.4390.8430.1350.85897.66.8621
IANNETTA, C.Palomino Angels0.2770.4060.4350.8410.1580.88168.96.9441
KENNEDY, A.Palomino Angels0.3070.3400.4630.8040.1560.77379.55.9535
CAREW, R.Bain Angels0.3160.4030.3990.8020.0840.906806.9499
AIKENS, W.Palomino Angels0.2550.3500.4390.7890.1850.78470.55.8497
GRICH, B. Corby Angels 0.2690.3440.4390.7820.170.73552.15.3388
GLAUS, T.Andrusko Angels0.2360.3510.4320.7820.1950.776925.3696
JOYNER, W.Andrusko Angels0.2860.3520.4290.7810.1420.71890.55.3684
PUJOLS, A. Corby Angels 0.2760.3170.4620.7790.1860.68890.54.8710
GREEN, G. Corby Angels 0.3130.3500.4200.7700.1070.70117.36120
SPIEZIO, S.Palomino Angels0.2630.3620.4040.7660.140.74278.85.3607
FORD, D.Palomino Angels0.2990.3450.4210.7660.1210.70583.95.1640
ANDERSON, G.Bain Angels0.2640.2850.4710.7550.2070.68287.44.6699
AYBAR, E.Andrusko Angels0.3090.3510.4010.7520.0920.68386.45.4647
MOLINA, B.Andrusko Angels0.3240.3420.4090.7510.0850.634245.1185
THON, D.Bain Angels0.3000.3590.3860.7450.0860.69410.45.678
CALHOUN, K. Corby Angels 0.2620.3210.4210.7420.1590.69871.95564
DeCINCES, D. Corby Angels 0.2430.3140.4250.7390.1810.66867.44.3593
JONES, R.Andrusko Angels0.2180.3260.4100.7360.1920.72758.54.6494
FULLMER, B.Andrusko Angels0.2370.2980.4340.7310.1960.68258.74.7479
HOWELL, J.Palomino Angels0.2290.2940.4350.7290.2060.66721.54.2188
HAMILTON, J. Corby Angels 0.2620.3100.4170.7270.1550.66447.84.8387
JACKSON, R.Andrusko Angels0.2420.3700.3560.7260.1140.70762.24.7538
CLARK, B.Palomino Angels0.2830.3380.3830.7220.10.6828.24.966
GRICH, B.Bain Angels0.2320.2950.4170.7110.1840.64871.54.2641
BURLESON, R.Palomino Angels0.2890.3360.3710.7070.0820.61537.74.6322
PETTIS, G.Bain Angels0.2570.3320.3740.7060.1170.74481.94.7675
CRON, C.Bain Angels0.2450.2820.4240.7060.1790.61232.63.8309
CONGER, H.Palomino Angels0.2710.3600.3400.7000.0690.63918.64.6165
GARR, R.Andrusko Angels0.2510.2960.3960.6920.1450.61641.34.2375
LANSFORD, C.Bain Angels0.2510.2980.3940.6920.1430.64771.43.9667
MILLER, D. Corby Angels 0.2710.3220.3690.6910.0980.576323.7323
ECKSTEIN, D. Corby Angels 0.2620.3240.3620.6860.10.61174.94.1698
MILLER, R.Palomino Angels0.2650.3690.3170.6850.0520.66846.94.5426
KENDRICK, H.Andrusko Angels0.2790.3190.3600.6790.080.5778.54.1742
WHITE, D. Corby Angels 0.2110.3180.3510.6690.140.666.73.966
WOOTEN, S.Bain Angels0.2540.3170.3380.6550.0850.53812.53.3142
BOONE, B.Andrusko Angels0.2650.3230.3320.6540.0660.55240.53.8412
MOLINA, J.Palomino Angels0.3000.3530.3000.65300.5713.74.435
NARRON, J. Corby Angels 0.2390.2960.3550.6510.1150.5646.73.5498
WILFONG, R. Corby Angels 0.2400.2770.3720.6490.1320.55429.93.5313
ERSTAD, D. Corby Angels 0.2590.2860.3430.6280.0840.54965.33.5688
HARLOW, L.Andrusko Angels0.2220.3270.2910.6180.0680.55923.83.4272
RYAL, M.Palomino Angels0.2370.2680.3160.5840.0790.4382.5241
PALMEIRO, O.Andrusko Angels0.2270.3010.2820.5840.0550.49426.32.8345
DONOHUE, T.Bain Angels0.2220.2550.3220.5780.10.4466.42.394
RUDI, J.Andrusko Angels0.2070.2420.3270.5690.120.46223.72.5326
COWGILL, C.Bain Angels0.1750.2610.2980.5590.1230.50226.62.6366
SCHOFIELD, D.Bain Angels0.1970.2630.2950.5580.0980.539432.8550
RETTENMUND, M.Bain Angels0.2100.2770.2500.5270.040.4397.42.3114
ANDERSON, J.Palomino Angels0.1910.2470.2760.5220.0850.43518.22.1303
BECKHAM, G.Palomino Angels0.2010.2470.2750.5220.0740.4089.32160
BUCK, J. Corby Angels 0.1920.2220.2690.4910.0770.3811.62.127
CAMPANERIS, B. Corby Angels 0.1970.2630.2110.4740.0140.552.280
FREESE, D.Andrusko Angels0.1710.2270.1950.4220.0240.32421.644
FROST, D.Palomino Angels171003.28383125722139
WITT, M.Palomino Angels22603.53337125028205
RYAN, N.Bain Angels141404.35358324629222
ORTIZ, R.Andrusko Angels111704.57367023631156
WASHBURN, J. Corby Angels 141003.06327423515157
SUTTON, D.Palomino Angels121303.63343023029107
McCASKILL, K.Palomino Angels151303.63365223025199
WEAVER, J.Bain Angels161003.54331121624150
AASE, D. Corby Angels 91604.68331020419149
BARR, J.Andrusko Angels161204.90341019629121
RICHARDS, G.Andrusko Angels15702.73257418716148
WILSON, C.Bain Angels41505.75330018124140
APPIER, K.Andrusko Angels91504.75311117826131
SHOEMAKER, M. Corby Angels 10603.27270015117106
SANTIAGO, H. Corby Angels 81306.02280012816104
LACKEY, J.Bain Angels8904.5020221241494
SKAGGS, T. Corby Angels 7804.6024001211666
ROMANICK, R.Bain Angels7907.0624001161359
MONTAGUE, J. Corby Angels 8507.083001152387
CLEAR, M.Palomino Angels3732.860001075107
CANDELARIA, J.Andrusko Angels2202.293101067111
KNAPP, C.Bain Angels8404.672001061060
TANANA, F.Andrusko Angels21005.551900971571
SCHOENEWEIS, S. Corby Angels 3614.70800921149
SELE, A.Palomino Angels51006.601710911152
SMITH, J.Andrusko Angels13102.0510083169
BARLOW, M.Bain Angels4236.4400081734
CORBETT, D. Corby Angels 4526.16200801036
MOORE, D. Corby Angels 5263.2630069561
WEBER, B.Palomino Angels12342.5111068437
MORIN, M.Palomino Angels8112.2000065450
RASMUS, C.Palomino Angels6103.3630064865
JEPSEN, K. Corby Angels 4101.8500063471
La ROCHE, D.Andrusko Angels2545.5450063567
GRILLI, J. Corby Angels 1606.3100061964
SALAS, F.Bain Angels4635.5200060645
STREET, H.Andrusko Angels42242.5920055759
DONNELLY, B.Bain Angels35343.4200055845
RUHLE, V.Bain Angels1204.0940055329
LUCAS, G.Andrusko Angels3302.9200052235
SHIELDS, S.Palomino Angels3314.0300051739
PERCIVAL, T. Corby Angels 44262.1210051548
FORSTER, T.Palomino Angels3125.1700047333
FINLEY, C.Andrusko Angels2607.5110044539
POTE, L.Andrusko Angels6015.1000042825
LEVINE, A.Bain Angels2206.1700042621
CALLAWAY, M.Bain Angels1304.7060038523
EDDY, S. Corby Angels 0203.6210037021
LeBLANC, W.Andrusko Angels1304.7650034521
FRIERI, E.Bain Angels1003.3111032435
THATCHER, J.Andrusko Angels1004.6600029233
COOK, D.Andrusko Angels0122.9300027221
KOHN, M.Bain Angels0225.0400025225
FISCHER, T. Corby Angels 0003.040002349
PESTANO, V.Bain Angels2202.6100020327
HERRERA, Y. Corby Angels 1000.930001918
LUGO, U.Bain Angels1109.7840019510
WALL, D.Bain Angels0007.27000825
RODRIGUEZ, F.Andrusko Angels0105.40000604
RAMIREZ, J.Palomino Angels0000.00000100

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