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Chicago Cubs APBA Auction – 1969,1984,1998,2016

For our next APBA Sim Auction we deconstruct and re-assemble four great Chicago Cubs teams of the past – 1969,1984,1998,2016.

The 1969 team was perhaps one of the most famous 2nd place teams in history, they will always be remembered for blowing a 9 game lead with two months to go in the season to the “Amazin Mets”.

The 1984 Cubs won 96 games and made the post season for the first time since 1945, unfortunately, they lost in the playoffs to an inferior San Diego Padres team. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened had they clashed with the powerhouse 1984 Tigers in the World Series. The 1984 Cubs were led by Cy Young winner Rick Sutcliffe and MVP Ryne Sandberg. Sutcliffe’s season is emblematic of how wacky and unpredictable baseball can be, he was acquired from the Cleveland Indians in June after delivering a lousy 5.15 ERA in 94 innings, so what does he do for the Cubs? He proceeds to go 16-1 with a 2.69 ERA in 150 innings, could that have been predicted, did anyone see that coming, I doubt it!

The 1998 team was very good, winning 90 games, but they lost the division to a powerhouse Houston Astros team that won 102 games. Ultimately that team will be forever linked to Sammy Sosa and his epic Home Run battle with Mark McGuire. I understand the steroid stigma attached to many of this era’s players, but I really think Sosa gets a raw deal. Steroids or not, Sosa is one of only 5 men in the history of baseball to hit 60+ homers in a season, and the only man in history to hit 60+ homers THREE times! – that didn’t just happen because of steroids. The final 2021 Hall Of Fame voting tally had Sosa at 17% of the vote, yet had Manny Ramirez at 28% of the vote, despite Ramirez being caught twice with performance enhancing drugs…it’s difficult to explain that gap. I know Sosa had suspicion of PED use swirling around him, but so did Gary Sheffield and he got 40% of the vote! It’s clear Sammy will not be voted into the Hall Of Fame by the baseball writers, hopefully a later generation of ERA COMMITTEE voters, far enough removed from the steroids controversy, will take a fresh look at Sammy’s accomplishments with more clarity and less bias.

In 2016 the Cubs made it to the World Series for the first time since 1945 and won the series for the first time since 1908. This was a great all-around team, led by Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo on the hitting side and Jon Lester, Jake Arrieta and Kyle Hendricks on the pitching side. This team delivered an impressive +252 run differential, clearly making them one of the best teams in baseball history.


And now to the auction! GM Derek Bain got things started aggressively by purchasing the best hitter in the auction, Sammy Sosa for $42, he would later add Garry Mathews, Ben Zobrist & Leon Durham giving his team a nice foursome to secure the foundation of his hitting. Fergie Jenkins and his 311 innings were purchased for $32 and Kerry Wood for $19, the two top closers were also purchased, Aroldis Chapman for $18 and Lee Smith for $13. GM Derek’s top 4 pitchers performed as expected, but he was not able to surround them with similar talent, resulting in some ugly games from the 4th & 5th SPs.

GM SteveAndrusko purchased arguably the 2nd best player in the auction for $37 and followed that up with Hall Of Famer Ernie Banks for $23, the Bryant price was justified, but Banks was probably a slight overpay since it was not one of Mr. Cub’s best years. GM Andrusko had a solid tandem at the top of his pitching rotation in Bill Hands and Jon Lester, but was hurt by a lack of talent on the back end of the rotation.

GM Andy Palomino built his hitting around Dexter Fowler ($20) and Billy Williams ($24) and with the 40th purchase, in perhaps the bargain of the auction, acquired Mark Grace and his .872 OPS for only $13. Grace happened to escape the eraly bidding and as a result came up for auction when the money pool was depleted, that typically leads to a profitable purchase. GM Palomino built the foundation of his pitching by making Rick Sutcliffe the 36th purchase at a $29, later supplemented by Jake Arrieta at $20.

In his first auction GM Brendan Bain was not intimidated, he wasted not time in securing the services of 3 big hitters- Anthony Rizzo ($30), Ron Santo ($28) and Ryne Sandberg ($32). On the pitching side, GM Brendan built his foundation around Dennis Eckerley ($23) and John Lackey ($18), both good purchases, he later added Dick Selma with the 63rd purchase, Selma was an overpay at $14, but at that point in the auction the available innings were depleted, all GMs have to end the auction with a minimum of 1375 innings, so at some point you have to fill those innings, even if it means overpaying!

Auction Analysis and World Series Results: This was a very competitive Auction, in the end it was GM Palomino’s balanced approach that prevailed ($126 spent on hitting, $134 spent on pitching) – this approach wont always be ideal, and it varies with the talent pool, but with this particular group of players, it seemed to work. GM Palomino sweeps the Word Series, including an impressive103 victories in Season #1. Slots 2 to 4 were very competitive with only 3 wins separating the other 3 teams.

TeamSeason #1Season #2Season #3Season #4Average Wins
Andy’s Cubs10396948595
Derek’s Cubs8268837978
Brendan’s Cubs7284718177
Steve’s Cubs6776767975

MVP Award This award has to go to Sammy Sosa, he hit 65 Home Runs, just one short of his real life total!! He drove in 147 runs and led the simulation with a .989 OPS. Runner Up – Ryne Sandberg (27 triples!)

Cy Young Award – Just like in real life, Rick Sutcliffe wins the award for best pitcher. Sutcliffe was 3rd in innings pitched with 283, 2nd in ERA (2.48), 1st in strikeouts with 258, and also led the simulation with 23 wins! Runner-Up Kyle Hendricks (2.29 ERA)

SOSA, S.Derek’s Cubs0.2836281261782306539614717
RODRIGUEZ, H.Steve’s Cubs0.2384215710026131221751
HERNANDEZ, J.Andy’s Cubs0.2335106411922731248971
BANKS, E.Steve’s Cubs0.2625956915621231274910
RIZZO, A.Brendan’s Cubs0.26759295158453313021140
CEY, R.Derek’s Cubs0.2275326512137029245963
RUSSELL, A.Brendan’s Cubs0.2175497311932127234580
BRYANT, K.Steve’s Cubs0.2395909714143325265676
DURHAM, L.Derek’s Cubs0.28950999147361124277848
WILLIAMS, B.Andy’s Cubs0.298648103193239243061006
SANDBERG, R.Brendan’s Cubs0.3066641222034427243736727
BAEZ, J.Steve’s Cubs0.26343459114191211986425
GRACE, M.Andy’s Cubs0.2766129416937420274772
SANTO, R.Brendan’s Cubs0.2865877316816419249870
HICKMAN, J.Brendan’s Cubs0.212358417613317146620
MORELAND, K.Andy’s Cubs0.2934475013120316205620
FOWLER, D.Andy’s Cubs0.23048882112296162015415
MATTHEWS, G.Derek’s Cubs0.306543103166283152456323
ZOBRIST, B.Derek’s Cubs0.2285577612739115213604
MORANDINI, M.Andy’s Cubs0.27363191172201152396416
DAVIS, J.Derek’s Cubs0.2285584612722614203664
HEYWARD, J.Steve’s Cubs0.20256070113211131754212
HUNDLEY, R.Andy’s Cubs0.2674344511613012165651
LOPES, D.Steve’s Cubs0.18925933497210902017
CONTRERAS, W.Brendan’s Cubs0.225289276515110112320
SZCZUR, M.Steve’s Cubs0.276196325461989291
MONTERO, M.Steve’s Cubs0.23626324621109100240
BROWN, B.Steve’s Cubs0.26734542922149148396
ROSS, D.Brendan’s Cubs0.188186203551866240
SMITH, W.Derek’s Cubs0.199226164580877202
KESSINGER, D.Derek’s Cubs0.280614661723158237556
SERVAIS, S.Steve’s Cubs0.18834524651706100270
ALEXANDER, M.Brendan’s Cubs0.1952772054120581270
HEBNER, R.Andy’s Cubs0.34798103450451140
WOODS, G.Steve’s Cubs0.19111014214143992
SOLER, J.Brendan’s Cubs0.174258264582469180
COGHLAN, C.Steve’s Cubs0.1892701551131478233
SPANGLER, A.Derek’s Cubs0.1623023049111474271
La STELLA, T.Andy’s Cubs0.2721251734140357110
HOUSTON, T.Derek’s Cubs0.2352471958100377181
JOHNSON, L.Brendan’s Cubs0.27932650911263124384
DERNIER, B.Andy’s Cubs0.2554286010918531463046
GAMBLE, O.Brendan’s Cubs0.214847181022590
HASSEY, R.Derek’s Cubs0.23611010261023350
POPOVICH, P.Andy’s Cubs0.280150174230251150
HALL, J.Brendan’s Cubs0.226287336597294297
LOWERY, T.Brendan’s Cubs0.27322161011030
MERCED, O.Andy’s Cubs0.268414113011780
OLIVER, N.Derek’s Cubs0.2137515165112663
MARTINEZ, S.Andy’s Cubs0.24096152390135122
MIESKE, M.Andy’s Cubs0.274106172940136100
BOSLEY, T.Andy’s Cubs0.29211314333013996
ALMORA, A.Brendan’s Cubs0.2581281233152155100
YOUNG, D.Andy’s Cubs0.19810612212012660
BLAUSER, J.Steve’s Cubs0.191136132621133100
HARDTKE, J.Brendan’s Cubs0.2401218290002960
QUALLS, J.Brendan’s Cubs0.1471299190202350
FEDEROWICZ, T.Brendan’s Cubs0.2061651434111047150
COTTO, H.Derek’s Cubs0.3271651154600601210
BOWA, L.Steve’s Cubs0.183454328315101002316
SOSA, S.Derek’s Cubs0.2830.3590.6310.9890.351.04138.47.9708
SANDBERG, R.Brendan’s Cubs0.3060.3760.5620.9380.261.01146.48.3745
HEBNER, R.Andy’s Cubs0.3470.3960.5200.9170.170.8819.37.8106
DURHAM, L.Derek’s Cubs0.2890.3580.5440.9020.260.92101.17.3567
RIZZO, A.Brendan’s Cubs0.2670.3710.5100.8810.240.91116.76.9704
MATTHEWS, G.Derek’s Cubs0.3060.4110.4510.8630.150.93109.77.5644
RODRIGUEZ, H.Steve’s Cubs0.2380.3210.5250.8460.290.8472.76478
WILLIAMS, B.Andy’s Cubs0.2980.3480.4720.8200.170.77104.25.8710
LOWERY, T.Brendan’s Cubs0.2730.3600.4550.8150.180.813.96.525
GRACE, M.Andy’s Cubs0.2760.3640.4480.8110.170.8104.46.2701
SANTO, R.Brendan’s Cubs0.2860.3750.4240.7990.140.7897.86685
La STELLA, T.Andy’s Cubs0.2720.3430.4560.7990.180.7720.45.9140
SZCZUR, M.Steve’s Cubs0.2760.3440.4540.7980.180.7530.15.4218
BRYANT, K.Steve’s Cubs0.2390.3440.4490.7930.210.896.15.6692
MORELAND, K.Andy’s Cubs0.2930.3290.4590.7880.170.7166.25.4479
HERNANDEZ, J.Andy’s Cubs0.2330.2890.4860.7750.250.72694.5558
BANKS, E.Steve’s Cubs0.2620.3090.4610.7690.20.7184.94.9653
FRAZIER, G.Brendan’s Cubs0.3850.3850.3850.76900.561.54.613
BROWN, B.Steve’s Cubs0.2670.3390.4290.7680.160.75535.6384
CEY, R.Derek’s Cubs0.2270.3020.4610.7630.230.7271.84.4602
BAEZ, J.Steve’s Cubs0.2630.3040.4560.7600.190.7560.44.8467
HEATH, B.Andy’s Cubs0.2320.4030.3570.7600.130.829.45.872
FOWLER, D.Andy’s Cubs0.2300.3330.4120.7450.180.7672.55.1564
MERCED, O.Andy’s Cubs0.2680.3180.4150.7330.150.634.84.144
MARTINEZ, S.Andy’s Cubs0.2400.3650.3650.7300.130.7413.64.8115
COTTO, H.Derek’s Cubs0.3270.3650.3640.7290.040.6621.14.5181
KESSINGER, D.Derek’s Cubs0.2800.3380.3860.7240.110.6581.34.8674
RUSSELL, A.Brendan’s Cubs0.2170.2970.4260.7240.210.6872.34.5612
MORANDINI, M.Andy’s Cubs0.2730.3440.3790.7230.110.6986.44.7720
HUNDLEY, R.Andy’s Cubs0.2670.3420.3800.7220.110.6758.84.9487
JOHNSON, L.Brendan’s Cubs0.2790.3370.3800.7170.10.6542.44.7359
ZOBRIST, B.Derek’s Cubs0.2280.3330.3820.7160.150.775.94.6653
BOSLEY, T.Andy’s Cubs0.2920.3670.3450.7120.050.715.54.9128
ALMORA, A.Brendan’s Cubs0.2580.2690.4300.6990.170.5813.23.6130
HICKMAN, J.Brendan’s Cubs0.2120.2870.4080.6950.20.6442.73.8411
MIESKE, M.Andy’s Cubs0.2740.3550.3400.6950.070.6313.24.4121
MONTERO, M.Steve’s Cubs0.2360.3090.3800.6900.140.6230.54291
POPOVICH, P.Andy’s Cubs0.2800.3410.3400.6810.060.5817.54169
CONTRERAS, W.Brendan’s Cubs0.2250.2890.3880.6770.160.5930.43.5318
DERNIER, B.Andy’s Cubs0.2550.3330.3410.6740.090.7253.94.2484
GONZALEZ, J.Brendan’s Cubs0.3000.3000.3670.6670.070.523.53.635
ROSS, D.Brendan’s Cubs0.1880.2940.3550.6490.170.6120.93.7214
LOPES, D.Steve’s Cubs0.1890.2920.3470.6390.160.6527.43.3298
DAVIS, J.Derek’s Cubs0.2280.2700.3640.6340.140.5247.32.8594
BECKERT, G.Andy’s Cubs0.2730.3600.2730.63300.532.13.325
SMITH, W.Derek’s Cubs0.1990.2900.3410.6300.140.59243.4262
HALL, J.Brendan’s Cubs0.2260.2960.3280.6230.10.5728.53.3318
WOODS, G.Steve’s Cubs0.1910.2680.3550.6230.160.569.92.8123
OLIVER, N.Derek’s Cubs0.2130.2720.3470.6180.130.525281
HASSEY, R.Derek’s Cubs0.2360.3170.3000.6170.060.5511.53.7123
OWEN, D.Derek’s Cubs0.2040.3280.2590.5870.060.555.23.264
BLAUSER, J.Steve’s Cubs0.1910.3410.2430.5840.050.5813.83.3167
HOUSTON, T.Derek’s Cubs0.2350.2680.3120.5800.080.4619.32.6261
YOUNG, D.Andy’s Cubs0.1980.3310.2450.5760.050.549.83130
HEYWARD, J.Steve’s Cubs0.2020.2630.3130.5750.110.5146.22.7610
COGHLAN, C.Steve’s Cubs0.1890.2850.2890.5740.10.5324.22.9309
GAMBLE, O.Brendan’s Cubs0.2140.2750.2980.5720.080.466.52.591
HARDTKE, J.Brendan’s Cubs0.2400.3080.2400.54800.459.92.9133
FEDEROWICZ, T.Brendan’s Cubs0.2060.2470.2850.5320.080.4312.12.4178
SOLER, J.Brendan’s Cubs0.1740.2610.2670.5290.090.4618.42.2291
ALEXANDER, M.Brendan’s Cubs0.1950.2330.2920.5260.10.4117.22297
SERVAIS, S.Steve’s Cubs0.1880.2350.2900.5250.10.4120.71.9367
SPANGLER, A.Derek’s Cubs0.1620.2380.2450.4830.080.4117.81.9333
BOWA, L.Steve’s Cubs0.1830.2310.2200.4510.040.3825.41.8489
QUALLS, J.Brendan’s Cubs0.1470.1940.1780.3730.
OLIVER, G.Andy’s Cubs0.1430.1430.2140.3570.
PATTON, S.Derek’s Cubs0.0950.1740.0950.26900.210.40.623
HEREDIA, F.Steve’s Cubs0.1330.1330.1330.26700.140.10.315
HANEY, C.Brendan’s Cubs0.0670.0670.0670.13300.070.10.218
HANDS, B.Steve’s Cubs141703.144111329824029236
JENKINS, F.Derek’s Cubs171303.42428129725635257
SUTCLIFFE, R.Andy’s Cubs23702.483810328319429258
ECKERSLEY, D.Brendan’s Cubs181202.783610726222324157
TAPANI, K.Brendan’s Cubs151303.60358624020032147
LESTER, J.Steve’s Cubs151202.74328222615523186
HENDRICKS, K.Andy’s Cubs14862.29266321913223163
TROUT, S.Andy’s Cubs101703.36345221719828160
LACKEY, J.Brendan’s Cubs131603.20318421615122195
CLARK, M.Derek’s Cubs91606.13380021327729188
SELMA, D.Brendan’s Cubs81904.90344120720529216
ARRIETA, J.Andy’s Cubs101204.06303219216517172
HAMMEL, J.Steve’s Cubs121103.62313218917217148
WOOD, K.Derek’s Cubs7804.13291118015223190
SANDERSON, S.Derek’s Cubs11603.3825001601402099
HOLTZMAN, K.Andy’s Cubs81105.26223014214022123
MORGAN, M.Steve’s Cubs6803.8126111411491890
MULHOLLAND, T.Steve’s Cubs9402.8319311331171492
SMITH, L.Derek’s Cubs91973.6300012110120109
REGAN, P.Brendan’s Cubs37123.620001021051173
ABERNATHY, T.Andy’s Cubs5213.710009474887
GONZALEZ, J.Brendan’s Cubs6704.691510941171751
STODDARD, T.Steve’s Cubs5523.563109388785
MONTGOMERY, M.Brendan’s Cubs10311.961009254771
CAHILL, T.Steve’s Cubs45123.984207472980
BRUSSTAR, W.Andy’s Cubs44163.340007064666
RUTHVEN, D.Derek’s Cubs7404.37140070891258
TRACHSEL, S.Andy’s Cubs3605.50121068811065
FRAZIER, G.Brendan’s Cubs1003.420006865766
JOHNSON, K.Derek’s Cubs3004.870006893672
HEREDIA, F.Steve’s Cubs3307.053006784866
WOOD, T.Steve’s Cubs48152.370006448840
CHAPMAN, A.Derek’s Cubs32321.550006326366
BECK, R.Brendan’s Cubs40200.990006331353
WENGERT, D.Derek’s Cubs2205.613005979840
AGUIRRE, H.Andy’s Cubs4563.250005232537
SMITH, J.Andy’s Cubs0114.350004946641
GRIMM, J.Steve’s Cubs4304.371104746742
STROP, P.Andy’s Cubs4424.060004436443
RONDON, H.Derek’s Cubs3423.480004439551
HANEY, C.Brendan’s Cubs1409.2890042631440
ADAMS, T.Steve’s Cubs1112.851004144336
REUSCHEL, R.Derek’s Cubs3406.429004051831
PISCIOTTA, M.Steve’s Cubs1133.411103442334
KARCHNER, M.Derek’s Cubs4304.400003027233
EDWARDS, C.Brendan’s Cubs1013.900003029533
PERALTA, J.Derek’s Cubs00010.8000028491137
PATTON, S.Derek’s Cubs0006.330002737321
NYE, R.Brendan’s Cubs1003.511002539419
BORDI, R.Derek’s Cubs1226.752002537410
STEVENS, D.Derek’s Cubs0003.910002330214
ZASTRYZNY, R.Steve’s Cubs1343.060001717113
COLBORN, J.Steve’s Cubs0002.250001616111
DECKER, J.Steve’s Cubs0209.280001022212

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